St Helens National Hobby Month

UC Crew would like to invite you to our FREE St Helens National Hobby Month workshops and activities online with local organisations who deliver activities for your people themed on arts, cultural, technology, gaming and nature.

It’s a great way to meet local St Helens Hobbie leaders in person and get a great introduction to the new activity.

We have plenty of activities for children and young people, age 7+ to choose from.

Please email us at and don’t forget to join our “Freebie and Email List”.

St Helens National Hobby

St Helens National Hobby Month for young people

Pebble Art Workshop in St Helens

UC Crew are running a Pebble Art Workshop in St Helens using zoom.

Children, young people and families can get involved in the online workshop on Monday 1st June from 7:00-8:00pm.

To take part in the Pebble Art Workshop you will need the following resources:

Pebbles or cobbles
Colourful paint or spray paint
Coloured pens, sharpies or posca paint pens
Small paint brushes

You will receive the workshop link for zoom through our Freebie & Mailing List. Please click the button and subscribe.

We have pebbles and cobbles available and will be ordering extra paint supplies for those that need it, details will be sent to our freebie and mailing list members.

We can’t wait for you to join us!

UC Crew - Pebble Art Workshop St Helens

UC Crew – Pebble Art Workshop St Helens

Free Online Hip Hop Dance Classes in St Helens

UC Crew are providing Free Online Hip Hop Dance Classes in St Helens on zoom.

We understand that many parents are furloughed and can’t afford to pay expensive dance school fees, but don’t worry.

Our volunteers are providing Hip Hop Mondays, which is an online dance class with our national award winning coaches.

Join our free dance classes in St Helens today by emailing and joining our Freebie & Email List

Online Dance Classes in St Helens

Online Dance Classes in St Helens

A Hip Hop Thumbs Up for Your Postie from UC Crew

UC Crew members have been busy taking part in this week’s St Helens #Stayathomechallenge!

They have been designing a Hip Hop thumbs up for your postie drawing to say thanks to our posties.

The art brief was to draw our very own Break Dancing postman Kula, to thank him for his hard work as a postman and as a volunteer for UC Crew.
Kula will choose a kids and an adult winner, who will receive a £10.00 voucher each to spend on activities.

Our project is funded by Community Foundation For Merseyside

Kids Posters

Adult Posters

TikTok Advice for Parents

UC Crew are now on TikTok, providing a number of St Helens dance challenges, lessons and fun videos of our crew members.

We wanted to let you know about TikTok safety for your kids online, TikTok has a “family safety mode” designed to give parents tighter control of their child’s content stream. It works by letting parents link their TikTok account to their Childs and allows them access to turn features on and off. Information was provided in this article by the BBC BBC – TikTok Article

To find out more about TikTok as an app, its safety, how it works and what you can do, please visit Common Sense Media – TikTok

TikTok Safety Video by Wayne Denner (Easy to understand)

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