Junior Hordes 4 – Saturday 5th December

We are very excited to announce Junior Hordes 4 on Saturday 5th December with special guest Break Dancing judges Phasion, Rubix and Eager1, DJing is DJ P-Nutz, Hosting is Tozz and Moose, Photography by Alex Green and a special appearance from the Mayor of Lancashire at Base Dance Academy, Ormskirk.

Junior Hordes is a Break Dancing event for beginner and intermediate dancers to build confidence, battle experience, make friends and become part of the UK Break Dancing community.

The events will consist of a 1 vs 1 Beginner Tournament, 1 vs 1 Intermediate tournament and a 3 vs 3 mixed ability and mixed teams tournament.

Beginner Criteria
Still learning how to do break dancing foundation, low level freezes, basic tricks and attempting power moves.
A beginner should have low a mount of dance experience (shouldn’t of been entering street/break competitions regularly), confidence maybe low and they won’t have advanced moves such as inverts, complicated flips or continuous power moves.

Intermediate Criteria
Intermediate learnt the foundation, may of won the beginners competition, have intermediate tricks (flips, inverts, freeze combinations), have power moves or learning power moves (headspin taps, windmills, flare) and a level of intermediate footwork. Should of been dancing a few months to a few years and aren’t entering open competitions regularly.

3 vs 3 Competition
Random mixed teams from all crews, including a variety of advance, intermediate and beginner break dancers. The rules are one advanced dancer per team, one intermediate and one beginner depending on the numbers of dancers. This competition is for fun and there will be no prizes.

Dancers involved in the competition have the chance to win a special graffiti canvas for the winner, take home the trophy shield until 2016, receive a winner t-shirt, be selected for bboy and bgirl of the date and win various prizes/

The cost is £8.00 for spectators and £4.00 for competitors.

All funds raised on the day go in to making are events bigger and better for the beginners break dancing community in Lancashire and Merseyside.

Junior Hordes 4


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