UC Crew Ambassadors for St Helens in Bran, Romania

On the 2nd – 10th April, UC Crew members Tom Glynn and Gaz Mealey where selected to represent St Helens and the UK in Romania for an International Training Course in “Developing Youth Participation at a local and regional level” due to their commitment and experience in delivering high quality community development work throughout St Helens and Merseyside.

During the course Tom and Gaz learnt advanced methods in bring young people, charities and local authorities together to work on projects, increase confidence in delivering regional projects, explore the nature of youth participation, using non-formal education to increase project participation, working with groups that have a fewer opportunities, developing awareness of citizenship with young people and how to create international projects.

Tom and Gaz delivered presentations and workshops about St Helens, the United Kingdom and the work that “UC Crew” delivers in St Helens and how it works in Europe.

In total there were 26 participants on the training course from Estonia, Hungary, Ireland, Bulgaria, Latvia, Czech Republic, Spain, Romania and Greece.









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