Tackle Cyber Bullying with UC Crew


To Celebrate Anti-Bullying week “UC Crew” will be rolling out its funded “Cyber Bullying Workshops” for FREE to 12 local schools in St Helens to help them tackle the increasing problem of Cyber Bullying. These workshops lead by our experienced drama team will educate young people about the consequences of cyber bullying and how it feels to be on the receiving end.

Only one in ten parents think that their child is safe online

Half (45%) of parents are concerned about their child being bullied online
Two-fifths (38%) of parents think that their child may have been bullied online
A third (33%) of parents think their child may be a cyber-bully themselves
Over half (53%) of children often go online without any parental supervision
Nearly one in five (16%) of children have experienced mean or cruel behaviour online
A quarter (22%) of children have witnessed the cyber-bullying of a classmate or friend
Half (46%) of parents have set up their children’s social profile; 45% have set up a Facebook account for their children aged under 13 despite the age restriction

UC Crew crime prevention projects are funded by the Community Foundation for Merseyside through the “Police Property Fund”.

If your school would like to receive one of our limited free workshops please get in touch by e-mailing.

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