UC Crew present “Jnr Hordes” Ormskirk

St Helens Dance – UC Crew

UC Crew is hosting its first “Jnr Hordes” competition in Ormskirk.

The competition will be travelling across participating dance schools in 2013 which are Base Dance (Ormskirk), UC Crew (St Helens), Lost Future (Skelmersdale), The Fitness Factory (Southport) and Urban Funk Dance (Wigan).

The competitions main aim is development confidence and battling skills for beginner and intermediate B-Boys/B-Girls (Break Dancers) in a safe and comfortable environment with masterclass dance workshops from B-Boys & B-Girls who are active in the UK dance scene.

Other dance schools can get involved with the “Jnr Hordes” competition by contacting UC Crew.

Entry is:

Adult Spectator – £10.00
Children Spectator – £5.00
Competitor – £7.00

Competitors will have the choice between 2 master class workshops with judges, the chances to win prizes and the trophy shield for their crew.

The Ormskirk venue provider Base Dance will have dance wear, refreshments and activities to purchase on the day.

JNR hordes poster finished -draft 2 (1)

UC Crew in St Helens Star

St Helens Dance – UC Crew

This week UC Crew are in the St Helens Star featuring some of our top B-Girls.

Have a look.

(Emma, Carmen, Paisley, Jordan and Natasha)


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